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Company Activities as Agricultural machinery, animal husbandry, fish production, eggs, poultry, poultry and meat.

Agricultural Machinery

Agricultural machinery, animal husbandry, fish production, eggs, poultry, poultry and meat.

Import and Export

Import and Export of agricultural materials, fertilizers, machinery, equipment and agricultural products.

Manufacture of clothing

Trade and manufacture of clothing and textiles, sewing and embroidery, sewing machines, embroidery and sewing tools.

Gas Stations

Construction and development of gas stations, transportation of gas, petroleum and oil derivatives.

Cleaning Services

Cleaning services of cities, streets, houses, public and residential buildings, markets, commercial complexes and hospitals.

Security Services

security services and security services for homes, residential and commercial complexes, stations, markets and events.

Electronic Equipment

Import and export of electrical and electronic equipment, surveillance cameras, industrial equipment, furniture, handicrafts, machinery and building materials.

Real Estate

Trading of real estate, private, public and recreational establishments, residential plots, farms, construction and development.


Travel and Tourism Agency Services.

Mineral Water

Trade and manufacture of potable mineral water, juices and beverages, foodstuffs, sugar, dairy products, edible oils, natural oils, soap, sweets, ice cream, spices, nuts.

General Trade

General trade, import and export of all products and manufactures, spare parts of cars and motorcycles, generators and all kinds of machinery and equipment.

Car Washrooms

Stablishment and management of laundry laundries, car washrooms and car and motorcycle maintenance centers.

Management of hotels

Establishment and management of hotels, furnished apartments, wedding halls and events.

Management of restaurants

Establishment and management of restaurants, cafeterias and parks.

Educational Institutes

Establishment and management of industrial, technical and educational institutes.

Information technology

Information technology services, computer programs, website services, advertising, advertising, electronic marketing and electronic publishing.


General contracting and construction of buildings, drilling of wells, electrical works, mechanical works, construction works, plastering and decoration, carpentry, plumbing, asphalt, pavements, lighting.


Land, sea and air freight services.

About us

The company was founded in 2010 Based in Nigeria, Its administrative office is located in Kano State, Its business activities range from the states of Gombe, Adamawa And Kano.

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42 Unity Road Kano State, Nigeria.